Ballantine/DelRey Star Trek
Bantam Star Trek
Books div. Star Trek
A Star Trek catalog (ACE) (1983)
Books Technologies of Disappearance (Avinus) (2004)
Captain's Log (Longmeadow) (1991)
Charting the undiscovered country (Cinemaker Press) (1992)
Chekov's Enterprise (Intergalactic Trading Company) (1991)
Federation passport (Simon + Schuster) (1999)
Gene Roddenberry - The myth and the man behind Star Trek (?)
Gilgamesh: A Klingon Translation (Ghilghames) (Wildside press) (2003)
I am not Spock (?)
I am Spock (Hyperion Books) (1995)
Klingon: Star Trek (Mass Market) (1996)
Meaning in Star Trek (Warner) (1979)
Mission to Horatius (Whitman) (1968)
Much Ado About Nothing: The Restored Klingon Text (Print on Demand) (2003)
New Voyages The next generation guidebook (Cinefantastique)
Nitpicker's guide for Deep Space Nine trekkers (Dell) (1996)
On the good ship Enterprise (Donning) (1983)
Spaceflight chronology (Paramount pictures) (1979)
Star Trek - Captain's chair (Pocket Books ?) (1999)
Star Trek UK (Corgi Books) (1972)
Star Trek: Phaser fight (Archway) (1986)
Starfleet Corps of Engineers (ebooks) (2000-2006)
Strange and amazing facts about Star Trek (Archway) (1986)
The making of Star Trek - First contact (Titan) (1996)
The making of the Star Trek conventions (Playboy) (1977)
The New Trek Programme Guide (?) (1995)
The Next Generation - Role playing game (Core Game Books) (1998)
The physics of Star Trek (Basic Books) (1995)
The role playing game (FASA Games) (1983)
The Starfleet Academy Entrance Exam (Citadel Printing) (1995)
The world of Star Trek (Bluejay) (1984)
To the stars George Takei (?) (1995)
Trek Classic: 25 years later (Cinefantastique)
Trek: The next generation (Cinefantastique)
Trek: The painted adventures (Pioneer Books) (1993)
Voyage to adventure (Archway) (1984)
Who's who in Star Trek (April)
Who's who in Star Trek (Star) (1988)